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Whats A Habitat

A habitat is simply, where something lives. There are many different types of habitats you can have such as Water, Temperate, Rainforest or Desert. We keep most of out pets in simple Habitat vs. a more advanced habitat as in the wild.

All habitats have an Ecosystem. So what exactly does that mean? An Ecosystem is Biotic (living) & Abiotic (non-living) Organisms interacting with each other to survive & thrive. All ecosystems have one thing in common, the nitrogen cycle. The nitrogen cycle is the most important part of any habitat &/or ecosystem mainly because it keeps everything in balance.

Whats A Habitat

Some examples of simple habitats kept in captivity would be:

  1. A Fish Only Tank with artificial decorations.
  2. Fish Quarantine System.
  3. Reptile Tank with artificial decorations.
  4. Reptile Rack System.
  5. Bird Cages.
  6. Rabbit Cages.

Some examples of a more advanced habitat that is kept in captivity would be:

  1. Coral Reef Tanks (Salt water aquarium using natural Live Rock, Hard & Soft Corals, Marine Plants, Fish & Invertebrates.)
  2. Planted Fresh Water Tank (Fresh Water Plants, Fish & Invertebrates.)
  3. Vivariums (Live Plants, Running Water, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish & Invertebrates.)
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