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Aquarium & Fish Tank Cleaning, Maintenance Services

The experts at Aqua Terra Habitats will provide the best care possible for those special aquatic members of your family. No Aquarium is too big or small for us to handle. With our specialized knowledge you can be sure we will keep your tank beautiful & thriving just the way it should be. All services can be Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly.
Our Aquarium & Fish Tank Cleaning Services Include:
  1. Water change
  2. Livestock evaluation
  3. Chemical & Temperature evaluation
  4. Add Vitamins & Trace Elements
  5. Equipment evaluation
  6. Filtration cleaning
  7. Vacuum substrate
  8. Clean the interior of your tank (Decorations & Glass)
  9. Exterior cleaning (Glass, Stand, Lights)
aquarium cleaning and maintenance services

Aquariums between 1-99 gallons are $65 per service.
Aquariums between 100-249 gallons are $130 per service.
Aquariums between 249-399 gallons are $195 per service.
Aquariums 400+ gallons. Please contact us for more details.
*All Prices are subject to change based on location and other factors*
*All Livestock and supplies are separate and will be billed to the client*

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