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Aquarium Rumors

There are many different myths and delusional concepts when dealing with aquariums. Many Pet stores and literature you read online will not always give you the proper advice. Unfortunately several people are guided into these misconceptions and run into many difficulties from the start. These are just some of the many misguided beliefs.

  1. Tiny Aquariums such as 1-20gallons are easier to keep

    This statement could not be more opposite! Smaller aquariums are always more difficult to keep thriving. If you think of the ocean, we are talking a lot of water! Aquariums are like a raindrop compared to these large bodies of water. Fish are free to roam where they please; there is an abundance of biological matter. When you take these animals and put them in tiny environments there is much more room for error&/or changes in your water. These tiny aquariums have less water so they are not able to handle as much of a biological load that the fish excrete; leading to more frequent water changes. The larger the aquarium the more water there is to handle the bio-load that you live stock will produce. Also it will not be able to handle tempter fluctuation like larger tanks can. A 5-degree fluctuation in water temperature in short of a period in time could mean life or death for a fish.

  2. Fish will only grow to the size of their aquarium

    This is one of the most popular myths in the pet industry today! Many pet stores will tell you this as will they tell you reptiles and other animals will stay to the size of its environment. This is Ludicrous! simply crazy. Let me ask you this, we are humans, if you stick us in a small box at birth are we still going to grow? Of course we are; but with no room to grow our bones would not be able to grow properly and we would most likely live a compromised life. If you get an animal and stick it in an environment that it will outgrow, you are not allowing this animal the room it needs to grow and thrive; when this occurs the animal will sadly live a compromised life..

  3. If I get livestock that eats algae and waste I do not have to clean my aquarium as much

    FALSE! No matter what livestock goes into your aquarium you will always still have to maintain you aquarium on schedule. Some of these animals may help tone down the amount of cleaning of the algae off the glass and decorations. The reason we do water changes, is to help reduce the biological load that is produced from your livestock. Also many people feel these “bottom feeders” don’t count when it comes to tank population. This is once again untrue; any living organism produces waste that contributes to the biological load of your aquarium.

  4. Saltwater tanks are so much harder than Freshwater tanks

    Let me ask you a question. What is the difference between salt and fresh water? The answer, there is no salt in fresh water. People have such false conceptions when it comes to this matter. Saltwater tanks are no harder than freshwater aquariums. For each aquarium the maintenance, is generally the same. You take out X amount of gallons of water, and add the same back amount in. Clean off the algae on the glass and decorations. Clean & change out any dirty filter pads & wipe the glass with a wet paper towel. The problem is the lack of knowledge people have when it comes in dealing with & setting up each system &/or people taking the cheap way out when it comes to proper filtration. They also tend to require more vitamins and trace elements. Fish are more colorful but cost more and can be more delicate.It shouldn’t be saltwater tanks are harder than freshwater fish tank, it should be saltwater tanks are much more beautiful and expensive then freshwater tanks.

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