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Aqua Terra Habitats : Aquarium Maintenance, Aquarium Cleaning, NYC, LI

Aqua Terra Habitats : Aquarium Maintenance, Aquarium Cleaning servicing NYC and LI.
“Providing and Maintaining Natural Habitats for all of Your Animals Needs”.

Over 15 Years Experience in Handling & Caring for Exotic Animals!

Fully Licensed & Insured, Serving NYC & Long Island, Suffolk & Nassau Counties.

Aqua Terra Habitats provides aquarium maintenance and cleaning services for terrariums, bird cages and small pet cages throughout NYC and LI. We believe by maintaining a clean and natural habitat for your pet, you will enhance the life of your pet as well as your experience of keeping and raising them!

We are dedicated and on a mission to provide and maintain natural habitats for all your animals. We go beyond aquarium maintenance and cleaning your aquariums or pet habitats. We really spend time evaluating and attending to their needs. Ensuring a clean and maintained natural habitat greatly improves the quality of life your beloved pets.

But we know providing quality pet care services isn’t enough for your beloved animals. So we provide top-notch knowledge and expertise and share it with you, assuring your animals receive the best care at all times.

We are confident you will see the difference in quality of service and breadth of expertise at Aqua Terra Habitats. In addition to aquarium maintenance our services also include designing, building and installing the proper habitat to fit your animal’s needs, maintaining these habitats for you & supplying animals & supplies for your habitats!

An Aquat Terra Habitats designed and built aquarium with natural habitat-like coral and rocks

275 gallon 4ft custoim saltwater
180 Gallon in the wal Saltwater
150 Gallon Saltwater
300 Gallon African Chchlid Tank
90 Gallon Saltwater Fisk Tank
90 Gallon Saltwater
75 gallon turtle tank
Reef Tank Home Page
40 Gallon Artifical Reef Saltwater Fish Tank
90 gal freshater
46 Gallon Bow Front Saltwater Aquariums
75 gallon saltwater tank
23 gallon half circle reef
55 gallon turtle
150 Gallon Half Land Half Water
18x18x18 Vivarium
18x18x18 Terrarium (Live plants 2)
18x18x18 Terrarium (Live plants)
55 Gallon Half Water Half Land
12x12x18 Terrarium (Live plants running water)


More than satisfied with the service. (Aquarium Maintenance)
by Massapequa, Liz H.

I am more than satisfied with the service I received from Aqua Terra. I have had many different companies here to service my fish tank. I have had to replace my fish many times. It almost seems that all the other service companies do is try to sell you things you don’t even need. Not Aqua Terra! Brian showed up with more knowledge than anyone I have ever come across. He rescued my tank! Aqua Terra shows up when they said they would and do exactly what they claim they can do. I recommend Aqua Terra to anyone in need of animal maintenance.


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